January Chardump

050117 birdball.jpg

My focus through January has been characters, my aim is to get them flowing and post them frequently to bust my bad habit of practising forever but never actually using what I’ve learned. Also to have fun \o/.

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Global Game Jam 2017 – Chordbusters


||Online Multiplayer, Co-op, 3+ Players||| ChordBusters is a game about bustin’ notes with your pals whilst riding on a galactic laser-firing keyboard. Shoot down enemies by standing on the correct key and firing a “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Ghostbusters” beam at enemies. Some enemies will require a chord to take them down, so you’ll need to work as a team! Choose from a range of fingers to express yourself! Are you a pirate? Are you a cat? Or are your 420 blaze it A E S T H E T I C memelord? Show us with your choice of finger. Go for a high score as you try to survive for as long as possible!

Credits/Download here

[ GGJ Theme: ‘Waves’ ]

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Ghost Tram


This started off as some sketches for Inktober, but I was inspired by the Dishonoured2 BAFTA talk I attended at the end of October to do something more painterly. This became..a bit of an epic undertaking, with little bits being done over multiple days. Im still not sure what was taking so long. but if I was to do this again I’d approach some parts of my process differently to speed it up a bit.

I took a brief hiatus from working on it when local events near where I live made the idea a bit uncomfortable, though in general there isnt much to this, it’s just a slightly evil lookin trolley/tram with some 1950s jetstream elements.

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Inktober 2016

14 – Scarecrow Row

This year I took part in Inktober for the first time – an annual tradition for many artists, in which one is encouraged to draw something in ink each day of October. As someone who relies almost entirely on digital now to create ‘final’ artworks, it was more difficult than I thought it was going to be…

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Sold Out


With thanks to my bud Georg who reminded me – while deep into a session of obsessing over study for studys sake – that I said I was going to try and not obsess over studying forever and actually do something more ‘final’ more often. He also gave me the prompt –

“Dracula who is angry [ /upset ] cause amazon is out of stock on blood“


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Dinoproject 10 – Caught in Detail


Yo! Past couple of weeks have been a steady drip of little bits n pieces as I try to get my head around the Late Jurassic environment. Part of me has been wondering if I’m going a little too deep here – like does it really matter if I get the ferns right if I’m making a lot of things up either way ? On the other hand, even if I’m not going for 100% paleo-realism, back then the plant life was like…80% ferns and cycads, so exploring different approaches to showing those is something that will come in handy as I move forwards.

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