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The Bradwell Conspiracy – Photobioreactor


Energy management and the development of new tools and techniques to meet growing demands both in the facility itself and in the public sectors is very important at Bradwell R&D Amesbury.

The substance- enhanced Photobioreactor (PBR) went through many iterations and design changes in order to optimise its energy output, you can see some of the failed designs below.

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The Bradwell Conspiracy – Posters


During your visit to the Bradwell R&D Amesbury facility you’ll see a variety of fun and informative posters designed in-house by the Bradwell marketing team, as Alice Bell of Rock Paper Shotgun discovered on her recent trip to the facility.

But what of the posters that never made it onto the walls of Bradwell R&D?  Read on, and see the artwork that didn’t quite make it in…

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The Bradwell Conspiracy – SMP


The Substance Mobile Printer ( Or SMP ) is a device created by the boffins at the Bradwell R&D Facilities Amesbury. Click through to learn how these intrepid researchers and scientists designed the future of matter transfiguration! ~

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The Bradwell Conspiracy – Release Date!


Happy to say that The Bradwell Conspiracy will be available NEXT WEEK across multiple platforms!

08/10 PlayStation 4 & Steam

10/10 Nintendo Switch

11/10 Xbox One

I’m in the middle of moving house ( again :[ ) at the moment so I’m not quite sure yet when I’ll be able to post some of my work from the game…SOON.

In the meantime there’s a lotta info on the game over at