Fox Force Alpha ( 2010 )


I was refreshing my CV this morning and remembered an old concept I worked on for an Xbox360 indie game that never saw the light of day, I don’t think I ever actually showed it online so while I prep Bradwell art for a big upload I thought I’d pop this up while its fresh on my mind!


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The Bradwell Conspiracy – Release Date!


Happy to say that The Bradwell Conspiracy will be available NEXT WEEK across multiple platforms!

08/10 PlayStation 4 & Steam

10/10 Nintendo Switch

11/10 Xbox One

I’m in the middle of moving house ( again :[ ) at the moment so I’m not quite sure yet when I’ll be able to post some of my work from the game…SOON.

In the meantime there’s a lotta info on the game over at

“Whatever Remains” – Interactive Comic


The ‘Whatever Remains’ project was an innovative attempt to communicate cybersecurity messages to government audiences using interactive graphic stories.

The project had a tight turnaround time, so the art work was split – the initial 3D storyboards and final 2D lettering were created by Sophie Knowles , while I took care of the character design and lines/colours.

You can read the full comic over at

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