Portrait Final web face

In case you missed it – I’m now full time freelance! This was one of my first gigs since taking the plunge – A commissioned illustration of a fashionista.

The face and personal style of the fashionista are based on a person close to the client so care had to be taken to get it right…

Portrait Final web


The Bradwell Conspiracy


This week ‘The Bradwell Conspiracy ‘ was announced !

I’ve worked on this game as a 2D/concept artist in my free time since 2015, its a *very* exciting project – all credit goes to the very hard working Georg Backer , Holly Pickering and the rest of the team for making something incredible.

Check back here once we’re released to see some behind the scenes art~

You can read more about the game at 

be sure to also check out for information about the history and products of Bradwell Electronics

And of course, you can wishlist the game on steam here ~

Mermay + Updates!

mermay 01

Hey Yall, long time no update~

Couple of confidential projects + day job have been keeping me very busy lately, which has made me crawl inside my shell a bit for public-facing art. But! Its Mermay! So I’ll be popping mermaids in here as the month progresses, because I’ll take any excuse I can to draw big hair.

Upcoming Events –

I’m a panellist at Women in Games goes to Animex ( 16th May )
And of course, will be around for the whole week of Animex 2018
I’ll be diligently taking notes and hanging out at Schoolism Live London 2018 

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Global Game Jam 2017 – Chordbusters


||Online Multiplayer, Co-op, 3+ Players||| ChordBusters is a game about bustin’ notes with your pals whilst riding on a galactic laser-firing keyboard. Shoot down enemies by standing on the correct key and firing a “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Ghostbusters” beam at enemies. Some enemies will require a chord to take them down, so you’ll need to work as a team! Choose from a range of fingers to express yourself! Are you a pirate? Are you a cat? Or are your 420 blaze it A E S T H E T I C memelord? Show us with your choice of finger. Go for a high score as you try to survive for as long as possible!

Credits/Download here

[ GGJ Theme: ‘Waves’ ]

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