“Footsteps at the Pond” – Concept Art

minotaur cols web

Just before I flew off traveling I created concepts for the music video to the song ‘ Footsteps at the Pond’ by La Dispute. ( Directed by Daisy Fernandez, 3D/Animation by Sophie Knowles )


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Portrait Final web face

In case you missed it – I’m now full time freelance! This was one of my first gigs since taking the plunge – A commissioned illustration of a fashionista.

The face and personal style of the fashionista are based on a person close to the client so care had to be taken to get it right!

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The Bradwell Conspiracy


This week ‘The Bradwell Conspiracy ‘ was announced !

I’ve worked on this game as a 2D/concept artist in my free time since 2015, its a *very* exciting project – all credit goes to the very hard working Georg Backer , Holly Pickering and the rest of the team for making something incredible.

Check back here once we’re released to see some behind the scenes art~

You can read more about the game at www.thebradwellconspiracy.com 

be sure to also check out https://www.bradwellelectronics.com/ for information about the history and products of Bradwell Electronics

And of course, you can wishlist the game on steam here ~ https://store.steampowered.com/app/421790/The_Bradwell_Conspiracy/

Mermay + Updates!

mermay 01

Hey Yall, long time no update~

Couple of confidential projects + day job have been keeping me very busy lately, which has made me crawl inside my shell a bit for public-facing art. But! Its Mermay! So I’ll be popping mermaids in here as the month progresses, because I’ll take any excuse I can to draw big hair.

Upcoming Events –

I’m a panellist at Women in Games goes to Animex ( 16th May )
And of course, will be around for the whole week of Animex 2018
I’ll be diligently taking notes and hanging out at Schoolism Live London 2018 

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Global Game Jam 2017 – Chordbusters


||Online Multiplayer, Co-op, 3+ Players||| ChordBusters is a game about bustin’ notes with your pals whilst riding on a galactic laser-firing keyboard. Shoot down enemies by standing on the correct key and firing a “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Ghostbusters” beam at enemies. Some enemies will require a chord to take them down, so you’ll need to work as a team! Choose from a range of fingers to express yourself! Are you a pirate? Are you a cat? Or are your 420 blaze it A E S T H E T I C memelord? Show us with your choice of finger. Go for a high score as you try to survive for as long as possible!

Credits/Download here

[ GGJ Theme: ‘Waves’ ]

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