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Whoops yes. Things got pretty busy in July, more busy to come. Get home kinda late now, (…thanks Southern ) which has been effecting how I approach my personal work.

I’m posting a fair bit of random sketchbookey study stuff over on tumblr , the plan is to steer myself back into doing something more blog-worthy – this includes Dinoproject – going via the general kinda confidence/self esteem boosting that I need to focus on to be able to concentrate without beating myself up constantly etc.

Dinoproject 07 – Moodboards

mood sm

Time to add a little structure to this and define some direction. The other week I wrote down a number of core points that I wanted to cover with this – points that would also apply to how I would see it playing if it were a game –

  • Awe at the beauty of nature
  • Dramatic scale
  • Joy ( The joy of soaring through the air doing cartwheels, for example )

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Total War: Warhammer

Happy Launch Day to the Total War: Warhammer Team!

Back when I was at Creative Assembly I did some very pre-pre production concepts for the game ( so pre that I’m not even in the credits ) which I’ve posted up here . wp-1464125253265.jpeg

Art Test – HeavenStrike

courier cols v3

A few weeks back I posted a sketchy courier character whose development I hinted at telling later on.

Well, now is the later on- she was part of an art test challenge to create a new character which would fit into Mediatonic/Square Enix’s ‘ Heavenstrike Rivals’.

I was quiet on posting the full test as I wasn’t sure of the result – but now its in – and I can say that as of the end of next month I’ll be leaving my current job and joining Mediatonic as concept artist :)

FUN COOL FUN FUN COOL -SO –  lets look at the process – ( Adapted from an earlier write up! ) –

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