The Inspector Gadget Theory

I have had this in my mind for a while now, but have never written it down outside of IRC. Consider this a rough draft- i dont have any sources to link to yet despite this coming directly from viewing certain episodes of IG.

The Inspector Gadget Theory

When watching an old cartoon, one often ponders- why is character X after character Y in the first place? What has one done to the other to warrant an obsessive pursuit?

The theory goes like this-

Childrens cartoons are actually deep, psychological portrayals of one character or characters trapped in the  limbo of an eternal protagonist/antagonist relationship. Each scenario plays out entirely in the mind of the protagonist/antagonist, and as such, the world seemingly revolves around one character and their actions ( usually the protagonist)

This is exemplified by the cartoon ‘ Inspector Gadget’, on which the theory was founded- however it applies to other cartoons too, such as ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, or the continual efforts of ‘Team Rocket’ to capture Pikachu in the ‘Pokemon’ anime.

A typical episode of ‘inspector gadget’ plays out as follows-

1. The antagonist will set a trap or come up with a plot of some kind in order to ‘trap’ gadget. This plot is rediculous, and would never work even on the most clueless buffoon.

2.  Gadget will follow ‘clues’ to solve the mystery, usually in an extremely inept manner

3.  At the end of the episode, neither character ever meets or interacts with the other. There is never closure, and all events are forgotten by the time the next episode airs.

From this, and the forthcoming evidence, we can  theorise  the following-

Inspector gadget and his antagonist have been after each other- trapped in limbo- for a very long time. At the start of their stay there was a purpose, there was a reason for one hating the other. But, as time has passed, both characters have forgotten their purpose. They now go through the motions of setting traps and ‘getting back’ at each other. As the days grind on, each character begins to lose more of what made them ‘human’ ( or hedgehog, or whatever species the characters are ). Their intelligence dims and soon their reasoning and logic fails. Once fiendish, intelligent plans and traps become lame and laughable as every single other idea has been thoroughly exhausted. These are desperate characters, each tired of the ceaseless limbo, but unable to escape it nomatter how hard they try.

Theoretical Evidence for a limbo world

(Sources still required)
1. The limbo world is often littered with surreal elements, though this is not always the case.

2.  Complete isolation is common, with worlds being completley desolate of all life, including background characters or cars in the road. Background characters and transport will only ever appear when effecting either character directly, for example, a character being stuck in a traffic jam.

3. The Protagonist and Antagonist may have sidekicks, or may encounter an ‘NPC’ during the episode- The purpose of this NPC is usually little more than for exposition, or to move one character closer to the others trap or plan.

4. It never rains. It never gets dark. The seasons never change. the characters never age, eat, drink or sleep – unless said effects hinder or help the characters eternal competition directly eg a weather machine weapon, or a strong gust of wind blowing away a map.

More research will have to be carried out to strengthen this theory. Luckily, the internet is always willing to provide information. For examples of this theory in action, check out the old episodes of inspector gadget here-

More will be added to this time.

But for now, its sleep then back to study and cranking out those portfolio pieces! I have a small backlog of buildings done which just need some minor tweaking before they can be uploaded, and im working on some character work now. I’ll move onto interiors once i’m happy with my character work- or when the members of the group im in for a level project im working on get back to me about it.

I dont like to make this too personal a ‘blog’, but i must put a shout out for ‘Braid’.  Everyones going on about it recently and im certainly on the bandwagon- its a great little head scratcher with a mature story  ( as in indie movie smarts not R-rated gore ) , wicked puzzles and absolutley gorgeous art.  If you’re reading this ( which by my hitcount is about 2 people per day doing searches for ‘om nom nom’ and ‘creatures’- hello 2 u! ) and have a 360 but havent forked out for it yet, damn, go do so! Its well worth the 1200 points.

(august 13 ’08, backdated for cleanup)

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