University Final Year Project. The story of a man trapped in his own mind and the crazy things he meets in there.


Rough base for a section of environment.


Protagonist (Initial design)


Project Zodiac
Reoccurring Dream #06- Steam Constrictor

A bizarre steampunk locomotive whose only purpose is to travel to and from sources of water, which it in turn uses to drive its own steam engines.

Its body is made up of a complex series of tubes resembling that of a primitive animals digestive tract, which has lead many to question whether this is indeed a machine or if it is alive. Like the sturdy algaes which accumulate along its steam vents, the constrictor absorbs sunlight through its solar panels which it converts to energy used to heat the internal water chambers.

Like the snake it takes its name from, the steam constrictor too sheds its ’skin’ once every 3 months, though it is still a mystery as to how a the new coating appears. Is it painted on? does it grow itself?

The Steam Constrictor is prone to overheating, and despite its numerous vents,fans and heatsinks is incredibly hot to the touch. Burns are possible from both the steam and chassis of this stone and metal creature.

A benign Dream, but an annoyance. The steam constrictor leaves long plumes of fog-like steam in its wake, hindering visibility around danger areas such as water holes. Reduced visibility means an increase in the likelihood that the smaller members of this ’species’ may be tripped over or bumped into, causing nasty burns.


Project Zodiac
Reoccurring Dream #01- Emendofowl CS

The Emendofowl CS is a bizarre bird-like scavenger. What it does not devour, it cuts away at with surgical precision.

The Emendofowl will then trade the best body parts it finds for trinkets such as gold or shiny objects. They are incredibly artistic and take pride in using these shiny objects and body parts to decorate their nesting areas with an array of beautifully crafted- if not a little grotesque- scrapbook-like sculptural creations.

The Emendofowl are useful creatures to do business with, and will often seek out rare goods when asked- for a price of course. Occasionally this price may be as drastic as one of your own limbs ( if they are particularly attractive) though usually something shiny will do.

Largely harmless, although it is unwise to approach an Emendofowl which you are not familiar with as they are eager thieves and have sharp claws.



Project Zodiac
Reoccurring Nightmare #02- Incubus

Based on the traditional definition of the incubus as nicked off wiki. and by that i mean, it is a demon. A demon that wants to rape , and through the ages was blamed as a cause of unwanted pregnancy in women, ‘nighttime emissions’ and sleep paralysis.

The incubus has 4 arms, two large ones used primarily for mobility. Two smaller arms aid in grabbing and holding its victims. Its entire lower body juts out in a stiff, unwieldly manner and is lined with a row of insect-like legs which aid mobility. Being a ‘demon’ the incubus posesses some of the cliches one would expect of a ‘fallen angel’- the now defunct stumpy wings, and the satyr-like bony head and faceplate.

The appendage growing from the top of the incubi’s head is an incredibly muscular tounge-like fifth ‘arm’, posessing two primitive hands at its tip. These are used to open the jaws of the creature. The hands reach back to grab what were the wings in order to keep the mouth open wider than usual so that the incubi may devour his chosen prey.


Reoccurring Nightmare #03- Succubus

The succubus tempts its victims with the guise of a beautiful woman


Project Zodiac
Reoccurring Nightmare #04- Heavy Chavdog (ANGER)- Large, Angry and trussed up in regal armour.

Light Chavdog (ANGER)- Less armour, smaller,faster. Covered in many more noticeable scars.

African Chavdog (DENIAL)- Markings like african wild dog. Hunts in packs. Scavenges.

Brutus (ANGER/DEPRESSION) – Friendly bull terrier character, often set on by chavdogs.
Super Brutus (ACCEPTANCE) – Wears bright red spandex and a cape.

The HEAVY and LIGHT Chavdogs are residents of the dangerous estate, and in the context of Project Zodiac- are exclusive to the ANGER section, which features the estate.

BRUTUS is the name of a friendly latchkey bull terrier who lived around the protagonists hometown before eventually being taken in by animal services after complaints concerning his ever multiplying offspring, much to the protest of those who knew this mild mannered canine.

The spawn of brutus did not inherit their fathers temperament, and while being incredibly hardy dogs, were vicious, bloodthirsty and prone to violent moodswings. The chavs of the dangerous estate adopted them as their own, and, trussed up in home-made armour sprayed red with the tag of the local gang, set them out against others.

In the nightmarish world of ANGER, the protagonists childhood fear of these dogs is amplified. They’re bigger,meaner and faster than ever.

Do Not approach. Do not feed. Do not pet.

People keep finding this page for some reason. If thats you- Hello! The  full project can be found through a quick click of this image-


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