ANGER- Final Boss

ANGER Bossanger-bossroof.jpg

A tremendous tripod of torment, ANGER stands sturdy and defiant in the rooftop arena area of a former retail carpark on the bad estate. As its grip upon the environment grows so too do its red roots, engulfing all, using those who come into contact with it as mindless puppets.

I like the idea of a tripod featuring as a succession of main bosses across the 5 stages of Project Zodiac, with each representing a different stage of the characters journey. The tripod for Denial, for example, would be naturalistic and perhaps a little deceptive, using visual tricks to blend into the environment like a chameleon. The tripod for Anger is bold and brass, infecting all and turning up the rage. The tripod for bargaining would perhaps require assembling, though one does not know that the objects one is acquiring are for this task. The tripod for depression would be suitably blue, although as i’ve not explored that level in much depth its final form doesnt spring to mind as easily. The tripod for Acceptance would be a merge of all four, perhaps using the environment itself more heavily as the levels of Acceptance are where one really has a large range of ‘abilitys’.

The tripods are the answer that the character creates to answer the ultimate question- Why am i here? He blames himself for his accident- aware that it did happen but not the precise details, which he uncovers slowly through the course of the story. The tripod is a part of himself in as much as his camera is a part of himself- it is support, it is a friend- but evidently it is an enemy. In the context of his job as a photographer, It keeps him away from his somewhat rocky relationship. In terms of the incident which got him into his coma- it was there, it was being used to support his camera as he set up to capture the grazing herd. Perhaps if he wasnt using it he could have gotten away faster? Perhaps if he had not been so bold, attempted to go the distance to be the best on that one fateful day the herd would not have stampeded?

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