ANGER- Brutalism


A larger scene from within the ‘Bad Estate’. ANGER in general is influenced heavily by the works of mondrian, with the final parts of it having scenes like this- when the camera goes to just the right angle and all of a sudden you have yourself something cubist.

It didnt really dawn on me until right at the end how this would work really well if i shoved in a few more restrictions and made it UBER mondrian- cleaning up the railings for example. One big problem in Painter is the lack of a point-to-point marquee tool. This means if you want neat lines you have to either have them at a 90 degree angle or rely on the point-to-point paintbrush. the problem with the point to point paintbrush is that its not very accurate. I took this into photoshop to clean some of it up, but didnt do the full job as i plan on doing ANOTHER like this. I’m not really timetabled in for it, im off by a day, but this shouldnt be a big deal so long as i dont spend more than tomorrow finishing up environmental stuff for ANGER.

The second thumb is another building idea, kinda plain,the rediculously widescreen aspect of it made it hard to keep track of as a whole and as a result it got frustrating fast. Little ‘tripod’ on top there too, for the sake of scale and showing how the tripod attacks buildings. Not actually a relevant scene to project zodiac as the tripod will only be fought in its arena..i suppose it could have little bits here and there you have to purge out, but the building here is not very climb-friendly.

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