Dream 07- Cliffziggy


Reoccurring Dream #07- CliffZiggy

Cliffziggy spends its days hanging from cliffs, munching on weeds. Occasionally a tourist will pass by, perhaps on a walk. They will notice an odd brightly coloured tube of material on the ground- a scarf perhaps? But there is no time to inspect- for that is when cliffziggy strikes, whipping the helpless victim over the cliff edge and stripping them of their precious neon legwarmers as they fall.

Cliffziggy is not too fond of dull colours. He enjoys tartans, but most of all he loves lovely shiny jumpsuits.

When you suddenly fall in a dream? when you appear naked at school or in a meeting? That is the doing of a Cliffziggy- or one of his cousins- each have a different style and taste..be wary..one may have a taste for YOU

Lineart from a while back, all painter’d up. And, for references sake- the picture which inspired his jumper.

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