I had a couple of little visitors in my kitchen today. Unfortunately, its a pretty dark kitchen even with the lights on so the only way i could really get anything good from them was to use the flash. It surprises me how cool insects are with a camera, they really dont care, even when the flash goes off. This was a couple of cm away from the lens, and was about as close as i could get before the shadow of the camera interfered with the flash.

I’m not about to say its a good photo- the flash really bleached it out, i had to do some messing about with RAW to tone down the extreme white from the flash and bring up the detail, which does make it lose a little…vibrancy.

Its nowhere near as interesting as the last bug i found, the kitchen desktop is kinda dull and the fly really blends in- but im still pretty happy with how much i’m learning with the lumix :). One day i’ll move onto a proper camera…and larger animals…perhaps.

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