Spring Clean

Uni is over so its time to clean up the gallery and sort out some of the pages!

‘Personal Work’ is now ‘Portfolio’. In there you’ll find a range of different images and styles, from illustration to conceptual sketches.

‘Lulz’ is the home of the more fun, slightly off-beat doodles as well as a small collection of photos. Decent (or just hilariously bad) older work will also end up here.

‘Projects’ is an area showing collections of 3D, texturing and conceptual work, completed over a period of months.  At the moment its full of uni work, but as time goes on it will gather some more personal project work.

Finally, I have a small collection of 3D animation and effects work over at youtube – http://www.youtube.com/AngelosLH

If you like my work, feel free to drop a comment or two. If you REALLY like it and would like a personal commission, have a particularity awesome project you’d like me to be part of or want to hire me , then drop me an email – morganlegerbil @ hotmail . com

I’m on a bit of a break at the moment while I recover from my final year of uni. Things will be gearing back up again soon though, so stay tuned.


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