Portfolio expansion

I’m still mixing things up at the moment, the portfolio page has been split into a far more sensible creatures/humans/environments rather than digital/traditonal, and some concepts i keep forgetting about were added. I have a bunch more stuff i need to put up which i actually have in my hard copy portfolio but not here yet. Been relaxing the past few weeks and its go time now, getting this all nice and sorted.

I have a bunch of  human/environment/vehicle stuff which i’ve had on backlog since finishing uni, so stay tuned for more of that.

Small selection of what i’ve been doing during relaxo time since uni cut out-

Was thinking of applying for a ‘city artist’ opening at Ubisoft last week, even spent a day modelling an old victorian building for texturing, but i was advised strongly against it. I might still texture up the building though, some lovely hand painted textures are always a win.

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