Old Mrs Alexandrovich

In my second year at Teesside i took a level design module- lots of fun. Our final assignment/ICA was to create a level based on the theme of ‘Ninjas’.  Rather than the obvious ‘oriental’ setting, my ninjas were part of a time travelling band who used stealth to  stay unseen in order to avoid creating a time paradox. Unfortunately the design document is missing, but the basic gist of the level was rather simple-

The ninjas have to acquire a precious Egyptian artifact from the belly of the titanic on the night she sinks. Also on board is a vengeful mummy, who begins to posses passengers and crew to defend herself and her treasure. ‘ Old Mrs Alexandrovich’ is a posessed russian steerage passenger who acts as a boss in one of the three big battles within the level.  Her attacks involve using her children ( who have their own ‘powers’ ) as a human shield as she is rather old and frail- but as you can see, she still has quite a bit of fighting spirit.

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