Architectural Improvement

I havent updated here in a while. I’ve had a solid few weeks of learning new tricks which has had me redoing work, discovering something new then redoing it again. Its all very fun, but not really ‘showy’ :)

I started by adding some colour to some of the buildings i sketched a while back. It was tricky trying to find the right approach at first.  Buildings arent really something i’ve done much of in the past, which is an ironic thing to say here since the reason this blog was set up was to track progress in an environment i was doing – I’ve certainly learnt a lot since then.

An example. The first couple of buildings i did arent uploaded here- they were too small and messy. The ‘art Gallery’ above was the fourth out of six.  By the time the final two buildings were completed my approach had changed so much that it seemed necessary to go back and ‘modernise’ the art gallery !

I’ve also taken to trying out the Environment of the Week at My first, ‘Potemkin Village’, could use a little more work ( I joined the week late and didnt want to go over the deadline) , but in terms of how i approach thumbnailing theres another massive leap of improvement. I’ll forgoe uploading that example though, displaying the amount of suck my initial approach contained wouldnt do me any favours :D.

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