Ork Lady

I started this one a while back, but gave it a rest when i found myself going in loops trying to paint parts which just werent working out. Coming back to it fresh boosted this above and beyond what it would have been otherwise :).

The initial sketch was somewhat seedier, inspired by some fable 2 concept art of a gargantuan prostitute. I wanted my ork to be wearing an old prom dress and generally be a bit scruffy.  This is where the problems hit really, the dress she is wearing works fine for a sketch, but was incredibly boring to paint and didnt have much visual oomph. After a couple of weeks of leaving this half finished i came back and decided to have some fun with costume design to make this a worthwhile piece. I also changed her legs and shoes since that area was woefully underdeveloped in the initial sketch.  Finally, i changed the bland, flat barrel for a 1980s style futuristic axe to give her a purpose other than ‘moody hooker’ :)


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