It has not been a very happy new year so far :(. I caught a nasty cold the minute 2009 hit, and spent the first 10 days of the year tired,  feverish and unable to get much done. I’m much better now, but the unexpected time off really knocked me out of my stride- Its given me a nasty case of art block, which isnt fun- but i soldier on.


This ghost stairs scene i started before xmas.  I had bigger plans for it but they didnt really work out. I’ve included the earlier version here for the sake of comparison, as well as some rough sketches for potential furniture to be included in the scene. If i do revisit this scene again it wont be for a while.


Next scene- some sort of earth themed retail building, on the MOON (or at least *a* moon with a more colourful geoglogy).  This hasnt been developed past thumbnails for possible buildings thanks to the art block jamming me up, so theyre all i have for the moment.



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