I’ve been having a lot- a LOT of trouble with the Job Centre not so much ‘as of late’ as ‘as of the first time i went down there’.  Its too much drama to detail here, but the basics are that they haven’t given me any help, and that i was too honest on my application form.  To show how much they’ve been dicking me around- i applied for jobseekers allowence  in october, hoping to get some cash so i could go down to a careers fair at the end of the month, and i’ve still not seen a penny 3 months later.

Never tell them about your volunteer work, kids.

After a recent example of  rage at these buffoons i decided to get a bit of artistic revenge- via the horror genre, naturally.


These thumbnails are some ideas for  creatures – the unemployed as seen through the eyes of the job centres warped ineptitude – though one can also read them as the kind of  person who never intends to get a job and ‘cheats the system’. The first few are rather toad-like, as i liked the idea of these guys not really moving much, grabbing at anything that walks by in desperation, but this changed into a more obese humanoid shape for the sake of being a little more sympathetic..and unnerving.


The first version was done in watercolours and ink, though my little paint collection is rather limited in what colours i can make, so a trip down Photoshop lane was on the cards from the start. Once here the concept began to evolve into something a little ‘fleshier’.


The back of the creature is red and swollen from  bedsores and such, but my first approach to this seemed a little vague, more like red pigment than sores. The oversaturation of the creature made it look more like a collection of sea rocks than a deformed humanoid, which works fine out of context- but isnt nearly as horrific as something that seems human, so in the next version the ‘front’ of the creature was toned down.

One of the last parts to be added to this creature were the beady little eyes. They unnerve me slightly, and i cant tell if this is because im creeped out by my own image or am irritated that they dont look ‘right’- they are certainly very odd…

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