The Development of ‘Moon Girl’ (Part one)

When walking home last week I noticed the moon in a half-full state, and began to wonder if the  moon was emo, with half of its face covered with a ridiculous fringe… And thus, Moon Girl was born.

One of the snippets of advice i was given at Animex this year was to show a couple of examples of work targeted at a specific audience- and ‘Moon Girl’ seemed the perfect  character to market towards the ‘alternate’ teen market.


The problem is, the ‘goth’ angle really is over saturated- especially when taking ‘Moon Girl’s large moony head into consideration. I didn’t really want to end up basically mimicking the visual styles one associates with that group of people. It also seemed a little too easy to make moon girl a ‘negative’ character – having half of ones face covered by hair , hiding behind it, and  being generally moody is not something which will really make moon girl stand out visually amongst all the other ’emo’ characters out there.

An important sector of my target audience  is the person who will buy something because they like the look of the character on a shirt or bag.  Any related game/animation/story is  an afterthought at this stage- which seems a little soulless, but I’ve bought merch myself from the same angle – and I doubt I’m alone in that.


The first round of sketches for moon girl, showing her evolution into something a little more cheery. As the angle I’m approaching this character from is purely commercial ( though in reality i wont be trying to sell moon girl off )  it seemed only natural that moon girl would be ‘scene’ – a fashion/lifestyle trend which  is a little more about pop art , bold visual statements and thrift store commercialism.


‘Scene’  is also more relevant to the ‘myspace generation’, and has a larger potential for canon variation in ‘Moon Girl’s own ‘look’, while retaining something unique to the character.


Perhaps the most important part of a ‘scene’ characters look is getting the hair right. The above image shows some variations i considered- at this point in moon girls development,  making the ‘crescent’ face shape  obvious so there was no denying that this character was the moon was the most important factor.


With her clothes i wanted to portray a bit of an androgen clash- the upper torso being masculine – flat and sharp, which evolved into somewhat of a military theme- while the lower half of the body was decorated with a more feminine, rounded ‘tutu’ and the obligatory skinny jeans/legwarmers/converse combo. A whole lot more can be said about the thought process which went on behind her costumes, but that will be saved for a later time, since this entry is more about the character.

I personally didnt like this version of ‘Moon Girl’- she looks rather lifeless and far too creepy- a little like ‘Salad Fingers’ in drag.


Change was needed- this change will be discussed in part two…

( Nightmare before xmas/ JTHM /lenore /salad fingers © their relevant creators. ‘Scene girl’ images were grabbed from a google search and are also not mine. dontsueme.)

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