The World of ‘Moon Girl’ – Builders (Silhouettes and Faces)

The world which ‘moon girl’ travels through is populated by crowds of people people- people who act as obstacles, slowing down her progress in rather irritating ways.  One example of these are the builders/workmen, whose ladders and tools are among the more dangerous obstacles she encounters.


I started with basic silhouettes with a CD marker (which i shall not recommend as it made me rather woozy- and didnt scan so well). I had no specific character traits in mind during this stage, other than representing the 3 typical body types (skinny/muscular/round) and making sure the silhouettes were distinctive so that one could spot the ‘builder’s easily in a crowd.


Next I took a handful of silhouettes – 3 from each of the distinct shape groups – and refined them. These are examples from the leaner end of the spectrum ( though the middle character is slightly chubbier than his partners here )

After this, i began to add a little detail to the body. My priority however at this point was more on getting the look of the faces correct than the outfits.  By the time i got to the final set of 9 i was a little more confident in what i wanted out of the silhouettes and had a  fun playing about with potential visual character traits.


And 3 body/head combos-


The outfits still require some variation of course,  But thats work for another day.


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