The World of MG: Builders (Costume)


Time for some costume fun. I chose the builder who i thought had the most character out of the previous three and began to try different possible costume variations. The top row here shows my first attempts. I got a little sucked into adding unnecessary detail ( it can get addictive) so i took a step back and blocked in the rest with basic shapes and a slightly more awkward brush.

Next, i took the greyscale, added further detail and cleaned up any messy areas. Once this stage was done it was time for the fun part- colours :D !


For this group my colour aim was a rather gaudy, slightly repellent sportswear with a degree of retro charm. A couple of these are based on vague memories i have of family members wearing similar dreadful tracksuits in the 80s/early 90s.


While my target audience is highly unlikely to have similar memories, and may even be overly repulsed by some colour combos (i know i would be); schemes such as the one above- based on the NES, now synonymous with retro-cool – can potentially inspire associations with the era without the target group having lived through it themselves.


The aim of this group was ‘future (retro) cool’, and has more of a 70s/80s scheme, with a heavy lean towards the olive/brown/beige end of the spectrum .


This groups clothing is far more ‘uniform’ like than the previous, which could possibly be spread to other members of the crowd who work for the same ‘company’.

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