EOW 108- Planet of the Space Vixens


Eow 108 Planet of the Space Vixens

The planet of the space vixens is rather hostile- the only liveable areas are in the more sheltered cave spots. Life isnt all bad however, and the girls take advantage of the steamy atmosphere and natural hot springs… as well as the helpless businessmen who visit the planet to use its spa..’facilities.’

This can be an interior or and exterior. Id rather not see actual space vixens prominently featured, remember this is an environment. On the other hand you need to visually represent that this is a planet dominated by sexy females.  Have fun!

Started at 1800X900, hoping that things would run smoothly. They didnt. PC lagged up and didnt want to cooperate,  reduced it by 50% and had to do a bit of pixel pushing.

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