EOW 113- Cyberspace

eow113 thum

Gateway #003bc3

A somewhat isolated satellite outpost designed to deal with large packets. The planet it orbits is home to a once mighty search engine, one of the first casualties in the google wars. It is now mainly visited by die hard google deniers and the occasional noob.


[The version here is a slightly tweaked one over what i submitted in the EOW thread.]

Development of this EOW was swift, i thumbnailed ideas as a break from tweetlord one evening last week, developed things a little  then left the idea in stasis until midnight on the day of the EOW deadline. Probably not a good idea to try and get these things out when you’re well past your bedtime ;_;.

cyberthums copy

I started with a somewhat ‘classic’ space scene (top left). Influenced by REZ, i was planning on creating a graphic environment that looked like a wireframe with simple flat poly textures..it took longer than it should have for me to realise that i was wasting my time and it would have been quicker to actually make a model!

So i shifted gears and decided to tackle this from a teeny tiny pixel art point of view,which always helps in terms of not getting sucked into unnessecary detail. This evolved into a disney-ish ‘inside the computer’ set that i may revisit later on (right). The fact i did those thumbnails so small ended up being a big problem later of course..you’d think i’d learn!

The ‘disney’ thumbnails were cute, and had far more depth than the space image..but really, were too far from the ‘cyberspace’ brief for my liking. Putting one over the other however..it seemed to work! This is about where i left the image for a number of days.

When i got back to it I ended up leaning more towards the ‘space’ theme than the cyber. I think if i’d given myself a little more time i’d have developed a more consistent ‘graphic’ style, as I did stray from my initial idea, probably because it was so late when i got back to it.

Im taking a break from tweetlord this week, and plan on cramming in some 3D ( much better for the ‘my brain is asleep’ after midnight hours) as well as another EOW and a few character sketches. There are only 5 colour birds left to go/20 lineart variations (and a couple of touchups of an earlier set) which is around 2 days work,  but it feels like wayy more.


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