EOW 114- The Bridge

100% crop, showing the loose brushstrokes in more detail.

EOW114:  The Bridge Between two Very Different cities
There are two cities, that are visually very different. Whether this difference is by location ie mountain/plains or culturally ie Baroque/Aztec. There is a bridge between these two cities, It can be a natiural bridge , a man made bridge, a military zone or what ever connects these two cities

required elements:
2 cities
a bridge
some natural feature which divided the 2 cities

This one changed a heck of a lot from my initial thumbs. Initially the bridge was part of a dam, which curved round to a delicate ‘fairytale’ style valley, framed by the arches of the bridge itself..But it became evident once i got started that this was too complex for the amount of time i’d given myself on this ( 2 days, it leaked over into 3 as I attacked parts with tweaks)


I got rather frustrated with photoshop when tackling the thumbs, the wonky lines ended up being more of a hinderance than I expected as i tried to correct them digitally. Not being able to live rotate the canvas or see where my pen was going in that immerssive 1:1 way only a real brush..or a really expensive tablet can , really effected how accurate i could get my perspective. At one point I was all but ready to give up and go back to my Tweetlord duties rather than sketch up a new thumbnail, find a USB cable, clear space for my scanner, scan it, clean up the scan …


In a last ditch vent of frustration I grabbed my 6D pen and furiously scribbled out a simpler version..and hey, what do you know, it actually worked :).  Rotation effects with the 6D may be confusing without UI feedback (I NEVER use the feature in photoshop) but the thing is built for speed, It feels liberating to bash about a blunt tool , like a kid with crayons :)


With a little more detail and lighting, the scene ended up like this. The stone section of the bridge , while acting as a nice set of frames for the ‘city’ behind it, was far too thin and just looked like ruins of a building of some sort.  The final version was bulked up significantly!


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