Snow Yellow

snoyello_v2 copy

Tis a strange tale, that of Snow Yellow. Snow – named after her birth mothers favourite dessert-  was a scrawny child, one who hung with the boys but never got to kiss them. To her step mother she was repulsive, more of a second son than the girly girl daughter she craved.

Never out of trouble, Snow ended up in Juvie once she hit 13.
When she emerged many years later as a voluptuous beauty  , she fast became the talk of the town- to the dismay of her evil stepmother.

In a jealous rage, the former pageant queen spent $100 on a new fabulously fluffy power mullet, then demanded Barry-Joe – her most loyal  bike-gang brother- take Snow and dispose of her in the wilderness.

What happened when poor Snow awoke from her roofies and moonshine hangover to discover herself alone on the outskirts of  a crumbling ghost town? That, my friends, is what we will discover shortly…

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