PHH: Taxidermy Room

PHH troph version 02sm

Taxidermy Room. Its perhaps not as crooked and cartoony as I want to go with the project eventually, but the process of painting it helped me figure out some things about the house and its purpose.

The Taxidermy Room is a rather small room just off the main corridor in the Right wing of  the PHH. In its heyday it would have been used as a lounge and meeting area for the men of the house.

The vast fireplace  joins the  taxidermy room to its neighbour, an innovative piece of architectural planning which allowed a single fire to heat both rooms at once..though over the years, the space between the two rooms has grown unnaturally distant, and even the most fearless ghost hunter would not advise you attempt to crawl through it..


The final did a bit of a U turn from where I started. In the digital version, I wanted to make sure the ominous fireplace was the main focus of the room, and portray an isolated, abandoned atmosphere.  Adding  big props detracted from this – perhaps to the detriment of the overall concept of what the room once was, as the final image isnt as playful as what I started out with.
phh trophy sketches


Custom ‘creepy monster’ carpet pattern


Basic version in 3DS max – I do intend on fully texturing it and populating it with a few props, for now its not my priority..however this was a handy way of testing different lighting situations.


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