Housey Thumbnails//Update

Was down in the midlands again a couple of weeks ago for an interview at Rare (!), and in what is fast becoming a common occurrence, got lost trying to find their super secret headquarters. At least this time I didnt have to walk a mile through mud to get to them like I did when I went down to Codemasters …

The whole experience was surreal.  I was in a bit of a state of denial the week before going down, the circumstances were so spookily like a dream I had a while back that I was scared that I’d lost all track of reality.

I didnt get the contract in the end, but the experience has given me a boost of confidence as well as a bit of a kick up the arse.  I’ve been doing a lot of study over the past couple of weeks, and am finally starting to get my head around problems which have plagued me for a while now. I’ll dump a selection from those soon, but for now, heres a bunch of countrysidey houses inspired by my trip.

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