CaveDudes- ‘Knuckles’

This is Knuckles. He likes to smash. We think he is from the mainland, because his voice is all weird, and he keeps sniggering when we complain about the weather.

He is a pretty good in a tough situation, get him full of cider and he goes mental. Rubbish when we’re trying to be diplomatic, very handy when the other clans decide they dont want to talk.

Any ol excuse for a quick stab at a project. Was watching the first ever episode arc of  Dr Who the other day and got inspired by the cave men he went up against.

General premise is that there’s this clan of caveman rejects, who bro it up on the plains and try their damnedest to get some women into their clan. Each was expelled from their family clan for various reasons- usually for being more trouble than they’re worth- yet when put together, it oddly seems to work.

‘Knuckles’ is a man from the mainland, who only has a slight grasp of the native tongue. He enjoys his drink and laughing at his clan members follies, and is a bit of an animal on the battlefield if you ply him with enough alcohol.

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