Ice Pirates- Barricades

Ice pirate fun is all put on hold for the moment while I sort myself out for moving to Shanghai, so I thought I’d better put these up before I forget/lose access to internets/etc.

These barricades can be found dotted around the pirate camp area,  and could also serve as small fort outposts in strategic locations.

Nothing says ‘badasses within’ like a bigass wall of cannons guarding your perimeter, even if the structural stability of the barricades would be rather questionable if said cannons could be/were ever actually fired…

My mistake here was to think I could paint detail on top of rough thumbs with the same speed/tightness as I could if I had attempted to show detail by redrawing the lineart. Basically, I skipped steps I shouldn’t have, because I usually *can* skip them without much pain.

Environments, I’m growing to learn, are things which demand a lot of pre-planning and careful attention to detail.

My perspective has changed quite a lot while attacking this project, it is one I hope to keep stabbing at even when I move away. Its is rather fun to ponder beyond the art too, especially since things are so loosely defined at the moment. Right now i’m picturing little RTS style battles between pirates squabbling over resources across these epic frozen wave areas. Last week I was thinking that the pirates would be climbing and jumping through their environment like a crazy platformer. Before that I was picturing a Bioshock style FPS or some sort of survival sim..before even that, a warped Animal Crossing.

Though in all honesty, a lot of the ideas I have/work with boil down to ‘ a warped Animal Crossing’, because I would really love to see a warped Animal Crossing.

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