Chocolate Desert

The snozberries taste like snozberries.

Aiming a little closer to the style I set for the Tweetlord birds with this one. You wanna see the process? Here we go-

Thumbed out some ‘Islands’.  I find it easier to create interesting little areas if I picture them as being by the sea.

Did a lil surface study too, but I decided I wanted this one to be more cartoony.

Usually if I’m going for this style, I do the lineart first. This time I painted it straight out. This has its up and down sides, its much harder to edit the lines this way, so its not a method i’d use if I had a deadline and such.. not on something this fiddly at least.

At this point it looked like milk and cookies, so I did a lil colour study to get my head in the desert. You’d think it would all be yellow sand and blue skies, but actual deserts have quite the mad palette.

I dug the hot lava lookin’ orange sands. There was a lot more colour experimenting going on, but I didnt save any of it out as I had a pretty strong idea of the kind of palette/mood I wanted to go for from the start.

I dig the more subdued version [bottom left] , it has an atmosphere i’d like to explore futher.. but the purpose of this image to be was all bright fun and Tweetlord-y, and that requires a dash more mad saturation. But with a little tweaking, I can make that one thumbnail a whole other style and keep the dusty mood…lets see what that would be like, hmmm?

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