Jo Dark takes out the garbage (sketch+study dump)


I got sucked right into the XBLA version of Perfect Dark for a while there, and now that I’m pushing myself back into anatomical/non-cartoony mode I reckon its time for some fan art :)

I figure Jo is professional at all times and doesn’t feel much emotion. Like, her face is always one expression in-game, and I like to think that’s because Jo is so well trained that she is practically an automaton . Naturally this means her reaction to the bag splitting would be a cautious curiosity, with a touch of bemusement- she would probably think a sniper did it, and that would be exciting for her, cuz it would be an excuse to go after ’em.

Hit the jump for a close-up and some thumbnails n stuff.

As ever I started this with a somewhat casual exploration of heads. Its been a while since I did something without trying to push it to be deliberately graphic or exaggerated, so I had to get that out of my system a bit before I started.

And, ya know, as a whole theyre embarrassingly crap. I gathered pretty much immediately from doing this that I needed to study before I was gonna get my anatomy play back on.

But first! A bit of an incentive to keep me on the straight and narrow. No cartoons! But silly jokes and eventual puns? Play ball!

…I honestly dont know what she is doing under that unicorn, I assumed she would like, be entirely unfazed by there being a mythical beast in the datadyne..magical..forest.. and instead like, seize the opportunity to use it as cover.

Bottom two rows are unreffed – which you can tell, they’re still ‘pushed’ – big eyes, weird jaws etc – but its to far more acceptable degree anatomically than that first rubbish set of Jo heads, which were pretty much flat shape play by comparison.

Of course, I cannot be trusted to draw a bunch of heads without having fun with anatomy, so these came out too:

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