Dr. Sketchy’s (Boro)

( 20 mins pose, Tria Markers-  Warm 2, Cool 11)

Dr Sketchy’s came to Middlesbrough today, so I hopped down on the train  for some life drawing burlesque action. If only all life drawing sessions were this cool, so much more fun than fully naked people :).

I brought quite the selection of art materials with me, hit the jump for more –

( 10 mins pose, 0.7 H mechanical pencil)

Razor blades into boobs, dripping fake blood, creepy silent hill nurse, cheeky grin. Best. Life pose. Ever.

(10 mins pose- Tria Warm 2, 2B graphite crayon)

(The black blob is the speaker system reflected in the mirror behind her)

( 10 mins pose – Green crayon)

Crayolas to a burlesque show, I know, right? Hell yeah. Underrated drawing tools.

( 20 mins pose, black bic biro, )

When I saw her crazy spidery outfit, I knew this one had to be in pen. Corset was so tight it made her dizzy for her second pose, but damn, it didnt half make a cool shape.

(? Mins – Cool 11 Marker)

Warming up by sketching the chez. The wallpaper was all intricate victorian swirlings, but I was sat too far away to get a good enough sketch of the detail. From where I was sitting it was pretty much dots.


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