Villagers- Weapons Buildings v2 & Current status..

Second version roughs of the weapons resource ‘building’ . Hit the jump for some wall o’ text indie pitfalls journaling.

Well then, where is this project at?

We started at the tail end of September – just me and Alex – The dude who came up with the idea, who is also the coder.

It was a rather rocky start – there was a project timeframe which was more skewed towards the 3D than the concept visualisation, without much of a run-up, so there are early elements like the town hall which dont really fit in with the direction that the art is heading now.  Which was actually a good thing, because having that model in there made some painful things very clear..

The first pass of designs were made with me under the impression that the game was going to be viewed from a camera hovering slightly above the action, so basically the one thing you were going to notice more than anything else were the rooftops.

Now, some of that survives – but the ‘ everything from above’ thing was suddenly made painfully defunct when I realised…the game is almost entirely from a third person character perspective…and the experience changes dramatically when all of a sudden the rooftops are the last thing the player is ever going to notice!

Whose fault is all of this then? Well, i’d say its not really a blame thing, its a noob mess-up thing.  It wasnt really made clear enough from the start exactly what the game would be like – there were hints of above, there were hints of zooming in, and I didnt really know which view to cater for – especially given my pre-assumptions about the genre.

Is it the artists job to choose camera angles? Is it the designers? Is it a special camera dude? I’m not sure, and perhaps I should have seized the reigns more when I started to get confused. At least I know for next time that kicking up a fuss about clarity is very important.

The change in ‘angle’ has made one thing pretty clear though – the buildings ( as pushed to final) were getting too ‘assety’ and up their own ass-ety to boot. Look at that pink roofed thing.. You would learn to associate its pointy roof with pointy weapons, but it doesnt have half the charm of an awesome market stall covered in props- you cant really tell WTF is going on, it doesnt really have any life to it – even compared to the sketches it was drawn from.

Which ironically, all feature tables and barrels covered in props. When in doubt, cut out the architectural middle man :).

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