Sir Wallows

Is he a king or a is he a tramp? A tramp-king? Either way I reckon this chap likes to look his best.

Hit the jump for character musings and the previous twee-er version –

I’ve been feeling a little stuck in the flat toon/loose blobs style for a while now, so this was an attempt to try and kick myself out of it by attacking an old bit of lineart with a more rendered style. Thats much harder than it sounds, the mindset approach is quite the leap- the flat graphic stuff has more in common with font design than it does drawing and painting – and it can be easy to forget yourself and slip back into the wrong approach if you dont pay attention!

I never seem to lose that knack when it comes to rendering props, weird, huh? I suppose its because they’re ‘designed’ by default.

Originally he was a little softer, a little cuter, a little more childish. I do think this version has a charm to it, its far more ‘Richard Scarry’ . I think Its probably worth going further down that route in terms of exploration, give this guy a checky shirt and a worm with an apple car for a mate.

If I was developing this version as a style, developing his world- I could imagine it being slightly magical and dream-like, more of a place of wonder than anything else.

The harsher version..feels more grown up. I can see this guy getting into danger- perhaps not massive amounts- but the extra layer of detail adds a depth to his character – theres a little more to him than just ‘a cute pig in silly clothes.’ This is the kind of guy you meet on an adventure.

Do you trust him? I dont think you can trust him. Its ambiguous. He looks jolly, but theres a harshness there which suggests that he could try to swindle you.

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