Temporary Updateness

Usually round this time of year there’s a flurry of activity as I rush out as much as I can pre-Animex ( followed by an explosion of doodles the week after ).  Alas! This year I cant make it up to boro due to work and a general lack of monies. A shame, totally wanted to check the Double Fine & Disney talks :(.

Fear not, my recent silence is not a permanence, while I obviously can’t post anything from work, I have been doing personal bits here and there. The standard excuses: Completely scannerless, still need a decent computer desk, sore from getting overenthusiastic with Kinect.

I’ve been doodling a lot of bunnies. I’m not sure why. The ears are pretty fun. Not as fun as doodling birds, of course. Lets face it, birds are pretty much the pinnacle of  awesome.

Fish are pretty cool too, mind, don’t underestimate fish.

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