January Boresham

Oho, do you see, because Horsham is a rather boring town. Or it is when you have no money.

Still scanner-free, but I’m frustrated about being unproductive so y’all can festoon yer eyes ‘pon these poorly taken photographs of dudes and dudettes of various shapes and sizes.

Chicks be checkin out his fine ass plumage.

This guy was just caught proposing something untoward to a gnat.

If you pay this dude good corn he can get you things. Farm things.

This guy here ——————-^  is a well renowned puppeteer among shady underground circles.

This image is blurry because none of these animals have souls.

One of those rabbits is actually a drug fuelled hallucination.

One of these rabbits is actually in a drug fuelled hallucination.

Obligatory bird page.

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