Study Seeds

I thought it was worth posting this on its own, because this ‘starting from someone else’s fixed point and letting it grow wherever it wants to’ stuff is pretty fun.

In the above example I wasnt really chasing the Taxidermy theme this time round, more the Hog theme, seeing where I could go from the starting point of an existing approach, in this case, ‘Rashberry’ from Viva Pinata. I dig the ruffled layers of paper thing the Pinatas have, in my mind that kinda makes em all slightly feathery,  which is always a fun thing to play with.

Below, my starting point was a geometric kinda Animal Crossing dude who immediately shed his twee, changed genders, and became a badass diamond thief.

The next step for this particular character was to start from someone else’s colour base – in this example, the swatches were taken from a colour scheme site.

Its fun how just changing the palette changes the entire tone of  the character – The first is clearly some sort of prissy heiress – a femme fatale, the second is a little edgier, perhaps from a dark metropolitan future where all the gangs are colour coordinated- the third seems like a much younger character, perhaps less scheming than the previous two and more likely to steal your sweets than your diamonds. (she also reminds me of terrible faded 1980s/90s duvet covers)

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