If You Please


Probably the ‘safest’ toon animal I’ve done in a long while. An easy one, playing with brushes, painting over the study.

Part of me is horrified by this cat, because it reminds me of the kind of thing I was doing before I started to really know how to play with shapes, and I remember how I pretty much gave up on cartoons as a result (Because it wasnt a growth area, I was stuck in a loop). But part of me recognises that while people do enjoy my wilder stuff, and I sure as heck enjoy drawing it- its not always really relevant. Last weeks tiger was super fun, for example, but where would it fit in as a concept? Good as a fun personal piece, but thats just it- its a personal piece.

This cat? This could slot into far more situations. And perhaps I need to do this again with other things, other characters. Tone things back, so that when I do push things forwards, I really go for it, and dont just hang around in the same style all the time.

Cuz man, I’ve toned back naturally in recent months, and this cat reminds me that I actually havent been pushing the shapes/style that dramatically for a while now anyways, not to the point where you have a Gesundheit! or a Sword and Sworcery , at least..

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