Catface Meowmers


This feels kinda overworked, yet at the same time not polished enough, cant place my finger on why. Have been away from rendered personal stuff for so long (besides the lil’ experiments with different brushes) that I dont really know what my approach is any more, which is kinda scary. As a result this took way longer than it should have, guess I have to do lots more to get my groove back.

That is, I felt weird having a really loose direction, instead of having a solid one then subverting it… and the result is more of a mash up than I’d have liked.


Sort of regret covering up this lineart, but then I always feel like that :p.

Things juusst started to get a lil complicated. If I had pushed it from here towards the style I used for my taxidermy animals, it probably would have felt a little more towards what I wanted, even if the rendering is weird and blocky. Or I could have saved myself a lot of time and just done a straight cel shade with less weird fur.

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