Pushing Dailies

Happy New Year! Like many this month, my 2012 starts with a push to get back into good art habits .  Just before I got my job at CA I was doing a daily lunchtime painting with an old acquaintance over at deviantArt, which kinda fizzled out as life got in the way. Terrible!

So I’m bringing that back for myself, with some new rules to boot.

But what are they? I hear you say. Here we go-

1: One image per day

2: An hour or so to do it

3:  It has to be relevant to my day or have some thought behind it.

The purpose of this exercise is to get as many ideas up as possible without dwelling on them or getting too precious – this is an exercise in creativity as much as an art grind, though I hope as I get into the swing of things they get more awesome.

I’ll be uploading the dailies  daily over at http://typocity.deviantart.com/gallery/with a weekly compendium here on FrenchBird. Time allowing, I’d like to take some of the more successful images and give them a couple of extra hours attention, ( be it in producing further iterations on the theme, or adding extra details) but we’ll see how that one goes.

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