Dailies- Week 2

Output slipped a little this week, as my evenings have been stuffed full of social events for the past few days.  The general vibe of this bunch is rather spooky, and I did break my rule about no studies from ref ( That’ll be the skeleton dude, who was taken from a screeny from Corpse Bride ) but I felt so render-rusty this week that I kinda had to give some time to that, even if it really didnt feel like *enough* time.

I’m kinda hoping that my time problems will be slashed when I get my Cintiq12WX , knowing how much the disconnect between an intous and the screen can really slow me down, especially when I’m trying to explore. My rendering problems, on the other hand, will only be solved with further attempts to improve on em.

My favourite from this bunch is the goblin with the naughty spider, which was last Sundays daily ( Which is actually a cleaner version of last Saturdays Daily!), and had more time spent on it than usual, (Though I still want to pour more into it at some point.) WIP compilation for that one after the jump.

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