Dailies- Week 3

Week 3- In which creative output drops down another level, as study re-asserts itself on the priority foodchain. Breaking my own rules, for sure, but so long as I’m putting something out and learning from it, its all dandy. Perhaps less interesting for y’all, but I think I’ve already proven myself lacking on that front when I try to force it without a good run-up. I’m better than this, and I can produce better stuff if I give myself some space to look at the world via art-brain again, instead of work-brain or doodle-brain.

So what did I learn this week?

– Its harder to make a ‘cute’ spider than I thought it would be

– Spending all day doing graphicy UI stuff is actually more useful for drawing/painting than I realised ( Its helping me do more accurate studies from ref, placing elements in space with more of an anal attention to detail than my usual leaning towards gesture )

– If you stare at a deer skull for long enough it turns into a bunch of abstract monsters squabbling for your attention to detail.

– People on deviantart REALLY like goatfaced pirates.

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