Dailies- Week 4


Well then, this little project seems to be slowly drawing itself to a close this week, its been fun, but I have a crazy fortnight ahead of me and probably wont get much up, and after that..who knows. This has been an interesting exercise, but I think it needs to evolve a little to really shine.

So, only two bits this week, and I guess they kinda show the point I’m trying to make about how this exercise hasn’t really been as satisfying as it could have been.

On the right is an image of a computer workstation, it mostly came about through picking random words from a card game, and panicking that I needed to get something done for the day. On the right is a series of images playing around with the idea of placing a single pose and framing it from different angles, in different places, under different lighting conditions to change its meaning. It mostly came about through me doing a little study of action poses ( for the sake of getting something done that day), and then wondering what the devil these people would actually be doing.

It was waaayyy more fun than painting the computer thing.

And I guess thats my point-  Its not just about making an image where all the shapes fit together nicely, its about exploring, and without the first stage, the end result is less exciting. This isnt really a new revelation (the thumbs on the right are more like how I approach these things most of the time in my sketchbook), but I guess I’ve been so used to doing things that way that didnt realise how important that process was until I tried to cut it out completely for time.

Streamlining it is always an option, of course, but cutting processes out completely is baaad.

Its been interesting to observe the mistakes I’ve been making this month, I totally recommend it, figuring out why something is bad and trying to fix it is part of the fun.


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