Dome Dweller

This week I gave myself a little project to re-imagine the Dragon boss from Phantasy Star Online. Hit the jump for more!

It feels like I’ve been attacked by a lot of art demons lately, and I haven’t really been doing too good a job at fending them off. What better way to punch through the hoard than to take on some of gamings iconic bosses*?

* And by ‘gaming’ I mean ‘Games wot I like’ ;P.

First up is the Dragon from PSO. In case you don’t know who that is:

( I’d say ‘OH MY GOD you really need to play PSO, its AWESOME. ‘ but it wouldnt be the same playing it nowadays, that said, OMG play PSO, its AWESOME.)

I’ve been feeling a little lacking in my technique lately, so the order at which I took this guy on is a little different to how I’ve done it in the past.

I started by establishing the ‘base’ dragon – basically getting familiar with the parts as they’re given to me by the game. Horns, teeth, feet, tail. The proportions and such are a little different in this version to how they are in the game, but I didnt want to remain too strict to what was already there.

From here I did a couple of variations – a guy who is kinda softer, a guy who is from the sea etc, just seeing where my imagination would take me.

These guys are pretty big, bigger than I usually thumbnail at least, and they weren’t that speedy – as a result it started to feel like I was getting caught up in details a bit and was lacking direction – these dudes arent so much a re-imagining of the PSO dragon as other dragons which happen to feature similar features!

So I switched to churning out heads with a brush pen. Heads are useful because they’re very easy to do quickly, but you can say a lot about attitude, weight etc without having to draw the rest of the body. It also allowed me to concentrate on exploring the shapes which the actual Dragon possesses, rather than make up my own crazy for the sake of it ( though they did get kinda crazy by the end :))

From here I took a little break to catch my breath a touch. These kinda went cartoony in the end, which is good for seeing some crazy shapes, but I wanted to go somewhat more ‘realistic’ with this, so I did a little anatomy study. Alligator turtles are crazy lookin mofos.

From here I went straight into what became the final image. I kinda slapped mud into the eyes of process here, and went straight from a sketch which I wasnt *really* that in love with to ‘lets mess about with rendering!’ – though doing it this way did stop me from relying on my usual anatomical conventions. Wether thats a good thing or not, I dont know, it was fun to do either way :)




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