Myths Project: The Laidley Worm

If you’ve been following my excessive ramblings on Twitter over the past few months, you’ll know three things- I broke my finger in at the end of June, there was a bit of a serioustime family kerfuffle in July (more on that later), and for most of August and September I’ve been working on a storyboard project which has been kicking my ass with all kinds of artlessons.

The Laidley Worm is a story I read as a kid, about a Princess who is turned into a hideous dragon like creature by an Evil Queen, and saved by the kiss of a Knight (who turns out to be her brother, as you do.). The version I’m familiar with is pretty horrific, and the image of a princess being trapped inside this horrible creature which could only scream in pain stuck with me for quite a while.

This? This isnt a horror story. I could have swung it that way, but I’ve been so super inspired by Disney/Pixar lately that I couldnt not empower the characters a bit and make the story a little fluffier.

I put a lot of work into the back of this, across evenings and weekends, which I will go into in further detail in due course, but for now the full story itself and its development, as well as that of its characters I’ll save for another time ( for various reasons). For now you can check out the wiki entry on the original story here .

The story I grew up with doesnt seem to be online anywhere, but can be found in Alan Robson’s ‘Grisly Trails and Ghostly Tales’ , a book which belonged to my Nana. Unfortunately, I discovered she had cancer just before I started this, and she was taken by it just over a week ago as I was finishing it. I think it seems kinda fitting that I do a small nod here as if it wasnt for her collection of books on murderers, freaks and ghostly goings on (which were super inappropriate for kids :p) I wouldnt have chosen this story, and I prolly wouldnt have that lil dark streak in me who has a thing for horror and general purpose weirdness.  RIP.


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