Onwards, to 2013!

Quick post to say that I *am* alive, things have just been a little hectic and more sketchbook-oriented lately. I’m unsure about how to use the blog part of this site now, I’m more frequent with posting quick sketches over on my twitpic, getting round to doing a more ‘official’ post is  a little more time consuming than I’d like.  This place kinda needs a refresh in general TBH, but I dont see that happening until the big changes which are about to happen for me get into gear.

I’m not gonna go into those yet though, so in the meantime, have a shady turkey, part of a small xmas themed personal pitch project which lost steam once xmas itself was over with. I’ll have to start this kinda thing way earlier next time, though I guess I’m pleased that I scribbled down a buncha basic ludicrous notes even if I didnt get to exploring much of it via art. Sometimes you just need an art break :[.turkey col single glasses 2

General jist – you’re a turkey, destined for the xmas dinnerplate, alas, you REALLY dont like the idea of that, nay, your dream is to end up in a delicious spicy curry. Sneak your way through xmas hazards and make it to the local balti before theres nothing of you left to go in a vindaloo.

This is all about stealth. You smell delicious, so disguising that smell is important- hiding behind a bowl of seasonal pot purri or one of those oranges with cloves stuck in them will mask your smell for a bit, but it wont take long for those dastardly sprouts and their broccoli bretherin to track you down if you dont keep moving. Pulling crackers rewards you with offputting jokes and handy paper hat disguises, but ah! Watch out for the noise!

And thats just inside the house, once you break free you’ll have stray dogs and seagulls chasing you on the path to the curry house. Lets face it, you’re kinda doomed.



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