Hello Rare :3

jo wip3Achievement Unlocked: Job at dream studio.

So yes, I started at Rare last week, fun times :3. Not so fun times was all the moving and such I’ve had to partake in to get set up up here, totally worth it though.

Only just starting to get back in the swing of things from a personal art POV, some rumblings of an old-new personal project bubbling up, but for now I’ll be content if I can get something up here on a more regular basis than ‘almost never’. I’m still drawing all the time, just need to stop being so precious about updating with random stuff. Not everything has to be a project! *self slap*

Scribbly lil CRAZY JO Dark is actually from January, noodled on it a bit too much, hated it, kinda like it again now. Crazy Jo is fun as heck to draw.

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