lemurs 1920bOne-post-a-week schedule: Maintained, at a stretch. >_>

lemur biro


This week my focus has been on establishing habits. I managed to get myself drawing every evening, which in the past was a no brainer, but lately has been an incredible feat worthy of choirsong, if not just because I fell outta the habit before moving up here. Me not enjoying Bioshock Infinite as much as I thought I would helped me grab back a little self discipline which otherwise would’ve been lost to the Xbox there ;).

It feels like its been an age since I last did a page like this, and pushing myself past my default approach into the wilder shape areas is still far trickier than it should be. (Though Lemurs are kinda awkward for that, push it too far and they look like Raccoons or criminal Ratdogs).

The weird rut I’m trying to get out of at the moment is very much one tied to mindset and approach. For a while I thought my problem was that I wasnt getting enough study into my head, so when I got time for personal art I didnt have enough to refer to. Right now its feeling more like I’ve been putting far too much emphasis on study and not spending enough time just going with it and having fun. Some battling with that weird looming spectre that tells me I should just do art which is more genre-typical (like space marines or something) because that’s more relevant to videogames also.

Man I hate that spectre.



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