This week in Lemurs

lemurs 120413sm


Lemurs lemurs everywhere.

Super busy, had a couple of lemur-free nights this week, but I’m still pressing on with these dudes. I dare not call it an exercise lest I scare myself away, but its cool to be re-learning a buncha stuff which I’ve not had the opportunity to play with while being away from character arting. Tasty primate chunks.

Musings on direction n stuff after the jump.


The dudes above aren’t everything, of course, there’s a page or two of gestures and less interesting warmup dudes in my sketchbook who contributed to the war effort, as it were. I guesssss those might be interesting if people are looking for process, but theres no real ‘I was trying to go for a lemur which expressed X and here are my steps towards it’ there, mostly because I’m not really chasing an idea, more chasing my own confidence. Or, well, I’m also chasing the idea of having an idea which will give me a bit of direction to chase a concept.

Because of that, the nature of these right now is still ‘throw out a tonne of different dudes and see what sticks’, as it tends to be a lot of the time when I draw a page of animals for the fun of it tbh, but I am starting to hone in on some areas as I go.

The one bit of direction I usually have for myself is to push my shapes towards more interesting silhouettes, more complex yet also more simple, get away from the ol’ sausage with legs approach – and get some emotion in there where I can. Most of the time, that gets mixed up with style exploration, which is fun, but isn’t necessarily the best of things for defining a set of specific characters who fit together. ( And its not like dudes who fit together in the same universe have to be identikit, look at Gaston and Lefou! )

So! My next port of call is to try and get some more cohesive dudes out, to express a little more about what I’ve learned about Lemurs, and to try and get some more distinct character/personalities across if possible, in a more conscious way. Like ‘ oh this is clearly the wise old dude, this is the plucky hero’, kinda.

Seem to be feeling gradually more comfortable in my own art shoes again though, if not just my ‘shouting at myself’ slippers. Yey :)!



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