Lemur Glowtime

lemur paint playsm2Mad busy, but! Tis another week, so y’all get another Lemur. Upgraded my Wacom to an intous5, so I gave it a spin with this dude. Gestures to zoom and pan is pretty weird @_@.

AAAHH. Feels nice to be in control again after a year of grumbling at a Cintiq :)

For the sake of a little bit of self crit, or at least, self technique/approach-crit- it feels like I’m treading old ground with this dude, and I’m itching to approach this  from another angle this evening – but I guess that getting back in touch with what naturally flows out of me when I’m having fun with art is necessary to address  the side effects of the horrible art slump I’m inching my way out of atm. The general render quality of the guy is leaps above the at times haphazardly messily loose stuff I was doing last year, and its a relief to be back to doing things a little tighter.

I am holding what I rambled on about about stylistic/character direction etc last week as something to shoot towards, but yeah, that ones gonna take a while to bear fruit methinks.

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