Lemurs- Final Week


Final week on Lemurs, meant to get this up last week, but ya know. Hit the jump for some more sketches and some self-evaluation overcoming art-burnout art-journey stuff.


Well, I said my next port of call was to give these guys some character beyond ‘play with art styles’, so there ya go. If I was to do this properly I’d have elaborated a whole lot more and tried to nail some archetypes* but it started to feel like I should be doing that with humans, if not just because its a bit easier to pull off on a restricted art-time budget.

So, what have I got out of this? For one,  it kinda felt like the first real bonding exercise that I’ve done with this particular sketchbook. I was looking forwards to getting in and sketching some more Lemurs in it, and the more pages I filled with them the more pages I wanted to fill, and the more I wanted to fill the more I wanted to do something different and new on each page  – and thats a pretty cool place to be again.

Alas, limited time and tiredness is still a thing, and I still have a little more obsessing to do before I can really perform at level I want to with my personal stuff,  but the fact that I can see avenues of exploration again which feel organic is exciting :).

So right now I’m trying to do a similar thing I’ve been doing with Lemurs, but with a human character – building on the kinda things I learned doing the Lemurs. I had planned on trying to restrict myself to Lemurs as a ‘project’, looking at environments next or whatever, but allowing my creative juices to flow to the next thing I fancy feels like the right thing to do.

* I say ‘nail archetypes’, for a while I thought I’d just look at like…defining ‘the hero’ ‘the princess”the villain’ etc – but in reality, to *really* nail a lemur character, its more of a case of watching Lemurs IRL/on TV and trying to figure out what the common ‘personality type’s seem to be then playing with that, imagining how they would react to a scenario and pushing it a little. Basically, what I have here is more anthro than I really like going, especially when the actual animals have so much of their own personality.

Funnily enough I had this thought after going to Twycross zoo and seeing a whole buncha primates in the flesh. The lemurs were super cute and playful, more like cats or dogs than little people- as to be expected. But then we got to the chimpanzees and…those guys are really freakishly human, not just in appearance. The way they look at you, you know they’re thinking, and its kinda unnerving.  Really helps to put a few things into perspective, like I wonder if that’s what it feels like to be in a staredown with Jurassic Park style Velociraptors?


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