Exercise- The Many Jo’s of Dark.

the many jos of dark 1920Super busy, but theres always time for a bit of Jo Dark fanart cum character exercise.

I figure if your nickname is ‘Perfect’ thats gonna give you a whole bucketload of issues, but how would they manifest? Usually I go straight for the ol’ Crazy Jo , but this time round I thought I’d try to imagine what pre-crazy Jo would be like. Would she be cool, calm and collected? Would she be egotistical? Would she be bubbling with confidence, or would the compliment be too much for her?


(Apologies for the horrendous scan in places, the sketchbook I’m using is bad for it, and cleaning things up is more trouble than its worth atm.)

I have been trying to do something like this for a while now, but my drawy/painty art confidence (and time to actually get any done) has been all over the place lately, even after the lemurs kicked my butt into gear.

These four sketches are by no means the best I can do, nor the extents of where this could be pushed, but for the first time in ages it feels like I’m exploring variables other than shape/silhouette in order to fulfil a brief (albeit one set by myself) , and that feels like such the breath of fresh air.




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