Summer Sketchdump

Glasses girl2

Glasses girls, glasses girls everywhere. Hit the jump for more sketchings+ wall o’text.

It feels like its been an age since I last updated, I guess June wasn’t THAT long ago, but to me it feels like I’ve been a slacker, and all the other horrible things I tell myself when I feel myself starting to slip a bit. Usually its a nice little motivator – “Whoa! I’ve not been spending enough time doing stuff that’s worth showing instead of just studying! Better fix that with some arty fun times!” but alas. It’s gotten to a point lately where I’ve been super busy at work , and have had to deal with a small chunk of personal drama, and that on top of putting the pressure on myself to grow and maintain my skills somewhat ironically killed what flow I had going with those there Lemurs and Jo’s.

How to put things to right? Well, where I think I’m at tends not to actually reflect where I actually am, so instead of freaking out about lost skills and all that fluff and nonsense which has been bugging me for far too long now, I thought I’d resurrect the ol’ ‘Just post whatever you’ve been up to lately’ sketchbook thing that I used to do over on before the forum servers started to be more than a little unreliable.

It helps me get a better look at my stuff and seeing it all in a lump can be interesting.

This is by no means comprehensive, Y’all dont wanna see a pile of generic warmup posemaniacs gestures (even if it would be interesting to compare how I do em now to how I did em back in 2009, hmm…) – but its a fair sampling of how much or how little I’ve been up to.

Glasses girlSo, this was the first page of glasses girls. The top-left face was reffed from a tiny thumbnail, the rest kinda push that. When I feel like I need to freshen my face-eye I tend to head over to the smoking gun and go through the recent mugshots. Trying to better use ref as a springboard for stylisation when it comes to humans. I noticed a while back that I tend to ref like a million lemurs when I want to draw lemurs, but when it comes to people I tend to do a default head type then try to push it, and that’s kinda weird when there are billions of humans walking all over the place RIGHT THERE for the referencing. Guess I get shy about it or something.

Anyhoo, first set were a bit scribbly, then I got into the flow of it all and the second page came out with far less of a push. Felt good :).

Glasses girl2Some more mugshot pushing. These were from earlier in the day, I was a little more confident in my lines, but I wasnt really doing as much to push things.

The next group of images are based on line of action exercises from the Schoolism workshop which I attended last year, Gesture drawing with Pixar’s Alex Woo. I sucked ass in the workshop itself, but I refer back to my notes/the booklet we got every time I do gesture/figure as more than a quick warm-up. T’was the first time I’d encountered line of action and 30-second-pose in the context of stylised/imaginative drawing. The fact that you could apply imagination directly to the model as she is stood in front of you without it being ‘wrong’ broke my mind a bit, usually there’s this pressure to be anatomical.

Anyhoo, the jist of the line exercise (or at least, how I’ve interpreted it this time round) is more about like…distilling an attitude instead of what I’d previously thought ‘line of action’ was, which was more of a robotic spinal column kinda approach. Same goes with the solid shape versions at the bottom, kinda. Can’t say I’m an expert, though I’ve improved a lot in my approach to it over the past year :)

pixarStyleGestures  2
pixarStyleGestures  3 pixarStyleGestures
Next one is an exercise which I’ve not tried before, which feels like some kind of insane sin, because its kinda fun :). The idea is to show expression-reactions to other characters, in this case a floating smiley blob. This was a good way of discovering that I could do with practising pushing expressions further, because these are all super subtle.

reactionsOn the other hand, I’ve been doodling  full body character reactions to situations for a while now, long before the Pixar talk. ( Though my kick-off for starting to do that was probably a different Pixar talk at Animex, go figure.). These are also kinda subtle, guess I hover around the safe zone a little too often.

spooksMan, I sure spend a lotta time looking at character stuff, huh? Its fuunn.

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