Fare Thee Well, Rare!

Twas my last day at Rare today, never have I before worked with such a bunch of rapscallions and utter legends. I’ve learned more in the past 7 months than I can even count on my fingers, and managed to nab ALL THE PINKS in 3DS Streetpass.

That last part is SUPER IMPORTANT. What’s more important is that now I have a little breathing space to ramp up my folio grinding again and really put what I learned in ol’ Twycross to work.

EDIT 07/10/13:

Hey guys, quick update. I’ve spent the past week considering my position, and while I still have a lot of soul-searching to do ( My previous post was very much in the spirit of ‘I want a break from everything ever’ ), I’m open to consider more options now.

I’m more than willing to partake in art tests to prove myself where my folio kinda cannot right now. I am working towards getting some decent personal stuff in there, bear with me for now, it should start trickling out soon.

I am considering freelance as an option also, so as ever, get in touch if you’re interested in using me for your project.


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